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PostX Gnu/Linux 0.6 is released

PostX Gnu/Linux 0.6 is released. The distribution is based on Debian Buster (Debian 10).


PostX Gnu/Linux comes with absolutely no warranty. You use this distribution at your own responsibility and are solely responsible for any kind of damage or data loss that might occure.

It is recommended that you always backup your data before installing a Linux distribution of any kind.

Before you begin take a look at the release notes.

You can Download PostX Gnu/Linux from the release folder.

Please notice that PostX Gnu/Linux AWS landing page is currently pointing to PostX Gnu/Linux 0.5 and PostX Gnu/Linux repositories are few minor versions behind the packages that appear on the iso image. Both of the previous issues will be dealt within the upcoming days.

Here are some screenshots

PostX Gnu/Linux default outlook is very minimal. This is with F6 mode disabled.
When F6 is pressed more content will appear. Since PostX is running Openbox there is also a right-click menu full of actions.
Many programs have matured. There are also variety of shortkeys that are supported. Open Keys.md from user’s home to see all the available options. Alternatively, see them here.

PostX Gnu/Linux landing page moves to AWS and PostX Gnu/Linux 0.6 packaging is about to begin

PostX Gnu/Linux page on Techtimejourney is now pointing to AWS. The new page was built with Python Flask framework and is more optimized than its ancestor, which can still be found here.

On other news, PostX Gnu/Linux 0.6 packaging is about to begin. I hope to complete repository upgrades in a few days. After that it is all about compiling things together. I am still hopeful that PostX Gnu/Linux 0.6 will be done and released before the end of 2019.

Added notice. Also the About section has now been moved to AWS.The old About page is still available at: https://www.techtimejourney.net/about/

Added notice 2: Programming projects page is also now served via AWS.

The old page is still available:here

Techtimejourney will still continue to serve content as https and on AWS side https is also a future plan to undertake during 2020.

PostX Gnu/Linux moves to Fedora

The time has come to leave Debian as a distribution base. My choice is Fedora for the following reasons:

– RPMs are clean and provide a nice structure.
– Latest tools and versions, which is important when coding.
– Systemd that actually works without any weird issues.
– Good package selection and very good driver support.
– Clear standing on free software, which I find to be very good.
– Dependencies are managed better and more robustly in the RPM world. Continue reading