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Search Engines – Nodejs application released

Here is an application containing private search engines. The application is made with nodejs.

The source code and full READMEs are available at: https://github.com/postman721/Search_engines

GitHub resource also contains executables folder. The folder contains ready-made executables for Windows, Linux and Mac. The Search Engines application is tested with Windows and Linux.

Here is a screenshot:

Search engines, nodejs application
Search Engines application

Five private search engines worth looking at

These days it seems to be all about collecting data. Pretty much everybody does it. If you value your privacy then this post is for you. Personally, I love things related to computer security and here are my top five picks for the best secure search engines of 2017.  The order is based upon my personal preferences. All of these seach engines are really good and should deliver very well.

Disclaimer. This post is based purely upon my own opinions. I have no relation to any search engine or a third party that might influence my viewpoints.

1. Privatelee: https://privatelee.com/

This search engine does not offer fancy graphics. It is very good though: what it lacks in looks it delivers in functionality. This is my current personal favorite. Loads up really fast too.

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