Techtimejourney Galleries upgrades & new page added

I have now completed an upgrade to the Techtimejourney Galleries page.. 

The page should now be more responsive and a bit faster than before. Issues regarding responsiveness that appeared last week have now been fixed. I  decided to not take the Galleries root page to Javascript. The previous is due to some potential issues relating to image loading when having a slower online connection. Still, world goes on and now there is also a new page:  2017 GPL gallery.

The new page is an upgrade to the old GPL gallery and it continues to deliver content like its ancestor. The upgrades bring slideshow, and much nicer ways to look/download  wallpaper designs. The standard way to obtain the new wallpapapers is via right-click menu through “Save image as” functionality.

If RunIT-QT or any other minimal browser is being used it is possible to “Copy image address” via right-click menu and then throw it inside a terminal client along with wget in order to download.

Wget example example, wget 123.png

2017 GPL gallery. begins with three new wallpapers. The midrange wallpaper, which was added via postx-programs package, is there along with two never seen before designs for you to enjoy.