Techtimejourney has left Facebook

Facebook, what can I say. It can be good for highlighting content but sometimes it can turn out to be somewhat unneeded. Ultimately, my reasoning for leaving Facebook -regarding to Techtimejourney- comes down to producing more versatile content, which is what I am currently planning on doing. The amount of releases and stuff that is incoming will be higher and even at the current rate, I  felt a bit like a Facebook spammer when I announced my new entries on Techtimejourney’s Facebook page.

Also, for a website like this Facebook is not the best fit. As I aim to produce content, I ended up doing just the opposite with Facebook (because it is all about posting links). Techtimejourney has always been and will always continue to be a place for versatile content and Facebook does not really fit to the picture anymore.So after all, Techtimejourney’s Facebook page has now been taken down. Techtimejourney will however continue producing content and next up is a release of a terminal client “Quick Terminal”, which will (finally) happen on Tuesday.