Upgrades coming soon

I have been making upgrades to my programs.

Already completed:

Runner-QT v.2: More simpler and intuitive. No hassle approach.

Power-Manager(QT): Dropping icons and making things absolutely excplicit.

Sequence FM v.4:

Plenty of code clean-ups. Trash files, Permanent delete, copy, move and paste will get their own propgram: Gtk-Tools. Gtk-Tools is based upon my older Crosslinker code. Gtk-Tools has  a capacity to show hidden files and it also supports clipboard, which makes it easy to pass things between Gtk-Tools and Sequence FM.

Launchy has turned to QT: and looks better now.

Still to do:

Quick Terminal: Getting rid of icons and going for menu approach.

Ncurses Gui for Apt-fetcher(50/50 change on making it to the next upgrade)

Daemonize Vol2x so it can follow system (this might not be  making to the next upgrade).

I will be pushing  upgrades to the repositories at the end of this week. Now, the repositories are still behind 0.4.3 release – but not for long.