Yet another conky config: this time with exaile.

As you might have already discovered conky is great. I have done many configs with it but lately I have arrived to a simple but yet functional config which I am going to present in this post. To avoid problems and typos which might occur when copy/paste is done to WordPress I have attached my config to a pdf file which you will find at the end of this post.

Needed programs to get the conky config running:

conky (obviously), exaile music player and alsa-base and alsa-utils.

Exaile is a music player and alsa-base and alsa-utils make sure that the information about the volume levels gets to conky as it should. In most cases alsa-utils and alsa-base are already installed but you should make sure that this is the case.

There is also a commented out feature in the config to use audacious instead of exaile. Note that the audacious parts are a leftovers from my old config. At this point audacious does not run well in my system so the current status of audacious conky parts is uncertain even though  there is a strong reason to presume that they do work like they are supposed to.

Conky running while playing music with exaile.

Conky running while playing music with exaile.

And last but not least here is a conky config file as a pdf: unified2

Copy the content and safe it as a regular text file to a location of your choosing. I used/entered the following pathway inside my .fluxbox/startup file: conky -c .unified2 &

You can of course use the default conky config file path if you like and safe the file as .conkyrc . This way the config is running every time you invoke the conky just by starting the program with conky command.

Note: if you get any weird graphical errors try to turn the option double_buffer off as it might possibly solve the issues.

Edit: and by turning double_buffer off I mean this entry: double_buffer no. So you need to change the word yes to no.

Have fun with conky!