Monthly Archives: January 2013

Light weight panels: Part I: Tint2

At some occasions a situation may arise where you desire something light weight, yet simple and good looking, alternative to Gnome panel or Kde panel which tend to be getting bigger and more resource demanding as time goes by. In this post a panel called Tint2 is presented with a config that makes it usable in everyday computer life. Continue reading

How to control site access in Linux: Block unwanted websites

Sometimes you might face a situation where you would want to prevent and block access to a certain websites for one reason or another. In Linux blocking an access to an unwanted website(s) can be quite easily achieved with the following simple procedure.

1. Open terminal client (gnome-terminal, lxterminal, guake, or something else)

2. write the following commands to become a root user so you can edit /etc/hosts file Continue reading