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Solving network connection problems on Ubuntu 13.04 / Debian Wheezy

As Debian Wheezy got released I tested it out as well as Ubuntu 13.04. Most of what I saw I enjoyed but there was however one problem which came from network-manager error which thumbed down my experience. When I tried to connect my wireless via network-manager (nm-applet) I got an error saying I have insufficient rights and the connection could not be established. The previously mentioned error can luckily be fixed quite easily, even without having the network-manager installed, and here is how it is done. Note: This tuturial should also be valid on a variety of other Linux distributions like Linux Mint, Arch Linux and Fedora. Continue reading

Greendec Windowmaker theme and background

It is Saturday and here comes Greendec Windowmaker theme and a background with the same name (See GPL gallery :

Continue reading

Live-build basics

Synopsis: In the following tutorial I will be introducing the live-build (formerly live-helper) tool which is a program for Debian and Debian based distributions which should help a user to build his/hers custom made system images. As the tutorial covers basics and some more advanced things the usage of live-build manual pages and various wikipages coming from Debian might also be recommended.

The live-build tutorial

Essential terminal commands

Here I will list some general commands which will help you to work inside a terminal and give you the abilities to control your Linux box via terminal. These commads might also come useful if you are using your Linux desktop without a display manager (see more from this post:

Remember this: what happens in terminal usually stays in terminal. If you accidentally delete something then it is gone for good. So caution is adviced. Continue reading