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Lightweight panels part 2:Wbar

I have been using a program called Wbar (GPL) for quite some time now. Wbar is a  lightweight launcher tool/panel which gives you easy access to your favorite programs while being easy to customize. Wbar home page can be found from here: 

Installing and using Wbar

Wbar should be available in a number of modern distributions. Just go to your package manager and searh something called wbar or similar and you should be good to go. If Wbar is not found from your system consider compiling it from a source which is usually a matter of executing the commands: ./configure && make (as a normal user) and then make install (as a root or a sudo) when all the needed dependencies are installed. Continue reading

Creating a fake debian package with checkinstall and the force-overwrite command

Definition: What is checkinstall?

Checkinstall is a tool which creates so called uncomplicated Debian packages. These are not real Debian packages as they will hold no information of the actual dependencies needed by a program which is being build as a package. So in other words: Checkinstall  packages are the ones which cannot (or more correctly: should not) be distributed as they will most likely not work outside of the host system. Continue reading

Transcoding sound files with Ffmpeg

 Sometimes there may arise a need to transcode a file to another format, for example if you have a device or system in your hands that does for some reason read or understand certain types of files. In order to do achieve a simple transcoding with the sound file do the following:

ffmpeg -i path_and a_full_name_of_the_sound_file path_and_full_name_of_the_ resulting_sound_file.mp3

Remember to place the ending you need (in the example mp3) to the resulting file so the file will actually get transcoded. With the abobe procedure you might experience fairly good results but some loose of quality might also happen. When transcoding files with Ffmpeg the general rule is not to try it with low quality sound files because then the result may be anything but quality.

Note. Some distributions ship with Ffmpeg which might not be able to transcode files with the procedure described above. If the previous is the case then compile Ffmpeg from the source by following the instructions found here:

windowmaker themes, linux windowmaker, windowmaker linux theme, linux screenshot

Absolute-Wood (a windowmaker theme and a wallpaper)

It is time to release a new Windowmaker theme. The theme is called Absolute-Wood and as the name implies it is a composition with some stylish and appealing wooden graphics.

If you are still unfamiliar with Windowmaker and how to install new themes in it then take a look at one of my previous entries from the topic:

Continue reading