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Lightweight panels part 3:Fspanel

If you have ever looked for a very simple and minimalistic panel, which only displays the tasks that are currently open in your  Linux desktop then check out Fspanel. Fspanel uses only about 10 kilobytes of disk space and is also really low on memory demand.By default Fspanel  comes as ready as it can be: with a white background and a tasklist. There is virtually no customization options available but then again Fspanel does its job well and is s very fast on loading itself. Continue reading

Lightweight panels part 2:Wbar

I have been using a program called Wbar (GPL) for quite some time now. Wbar is a  lightweight launcher tool/panel which gives you easy access to your favorite programs while being easy to customize. Wbar home page can be found from here:http://code.google.com/p/wbar/ 

Installing and using Wbar

Wbar should be available in a number of modern distributions. Just go to your package manager and searh something called wbar or similar and you should be good to go. If Wbar is not found from your system consider compiling it from a source which is usually a matter of executing the commands: ./configure && make (as a normal user) and then make install (as a root or a sudo) when all the needed dependencies are installed. Continue reading