Monthly Archives: September 2013

Arch Linux: Install packages from AUR (Arch User Repository)

These days there are many good Linux/Unix distributions which do come with some great software out of the box. In some cases it might just be that the software you want is not available by default nor shall it be found on the default distribution repositories. Continue reading

Use Firefox/Thunderbird personas as Libreoffice skins

Since Libreoffice 4 there is a new feature in place which will let you use Firefox/Thunderbird persona as a skin for this great office suite. Follow the procedure below to personas working with Libreoffice. Continue reading

Looking for a faster system boot? Try blacklisting kernel modules

Linux systems today support a wide variety of devices out of the box. For a general system use it is of course a good thing to have a good device support out of the box but if you are using an older computer or just want to have a faster system boot then loading a wide variety of kernel modules might be something you would want to avoid. Continue reading