Monthly Archives: March 2014

Backup: create an iso image from folders/files

Backing up things is always important and while it can be done manually here is a neat way to organize folders/files and transform them to become iso images.

First you need to install a program called genisoimage. (Debian family: apt-get genisoimage / Arch: pacman -S genisoimage / Gentoo: emerge genisoimage) Continue reading

Installing Arch Linux

Here is a short guide on how to install Arch Linux. You should use a live cd/dvd instead of the minimal ipxe image: I had some considerable problems downloading material with the minimal image – the problems were absent on the bigger image. Backup your important files before you continue. You can get Arch images from here: Continue reading

Adding a new user with useradd command and the case of /etc/sudoers.d

If you want to create a new user in a terminal client you can easily do so with the  useradd command. To use useradd you will need to be a root user (which is a result of typing su root OR  sudo su inside a terminal).

Continue reading