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Installing Arch Linux

Here is a short guide on how to install Arch Linux. You should use a live cd/dvd instead of the minimal ipxe image: I had some considerable problems downloading material with the minimal image – the problems were absent on the bigger image. Backup your important files before you continue. You can get Arch images from here: Continue reading

Understanding Debian Sid a.k.a. Debian Unstable

Disclaimer: This text is provided mainly for educational purposes and it does contain some simplifications, so learn at your own responsibility. If any misunderstandings or harm would result because of this text and its maintainer JJ Posti will not take any responsibility from any possible scenarios that might result.

When people generally hear the word unstable they tend to think of something that is not working and remains far from functional. In Debian the term unstable does not necessarily mean the same as not functional or unsafe and below are some reasons why.
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