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PostX 0.4 news and two new backgrounds

I have been in a quite hurry with coding stuff to next PostX version. Things are advancing nicely and here is what is currently confirmed on the features part:

*Pulseaudio will be default.

*There will be a new calendar/clock application

*Sound keys should work for wired and bluetooth devices.

*There will be a new panel

*There will be a new terminal

*Outlook will get upgraded and a more integrated feeling

The approach by which I am coding the new panel,terminal and calendar/clock is that they will be lightweight and easy to use. Here is a screenshot of how things look now.

postx linux, gpl wallpapers, linux screenshots

PostX 0.4 dev screenshot
with new artwork

You can get the wallpaper of my screenshot from my GPL gallery

Direct Link :

Also, here is another new wallpaper for you to enjoy:


Prevent process from closing with nohup command

Sometimes you will come across a situation where you need to make absolutely sure that program x is not being accidentally closed in anyway. This is where the nohup command comes in. When you add the command in front of your program/script of choice then the process will keep on running on the background even after you have seemingly closed the program in a regular way. Continue reading