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PostX Gnu/Linux 0.8 released

PostX Gnu/Linux 0.8 has been released. The distribution is based on Debian 11 and is amd64.

Disclaimer: You use PostX Gnu/Linux at your own responsibility. The author of (JJ Posti) or any other party is not responsible if any kind of damage or harm will occur . NO WARRANTY is given and the user therefore agrees to use this software at his/hers own risk.

AMD status on Debian 11: Things got a lot better with AMD graphics cards on Debian 11. However, some issues still persist with newer cards when booting into a freshly installed system. For example, the dm (Lightdm) might not show up or things might not function at all on xserver. If you are in any doubt when it comes to your graphics card´s functionality, use something like Virtualbox with extension packages to experience the system.

Size of the image is about 1012mb.

PostX Gnu/Linux 0.8 download:

Package repository:

Sources repository:

Always backup your data before proceeding to installation.

Live environment: username: postx password: live

Lightdm is the display manager.
Openbox is the desktop. Right-Click menu is visible here.
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