Finding files/folders via cli on Linux

When doing admin tasks there will come a time that you will need to search something via command line. Here is how you do it.

#Install tree

You could also use locate or find commands but at least for me, tree command works a lot better. Tree command will display files and folders in a nicely structured view. We can then easily grep from tree´s output and find our files or folders.

#Let’s install it.
sudo apt-get install tree -y

#And finally let’s say I want to remind myself where the Launchy panel is located in PostX Gnu/Linux.Command is listed below. Notice that / is the path where I search from.

tree -f / | grep launchy

The output will be:

│   │   │   ├── /usr/local/bin/launchy
│   ├── /usr/share/launchy
│   ├── /usr/share/

This tells me that the file I am trying to locate is /usr/share/launchy.