PostX Gnu/Linux v.0.2.5 changelogs


– Distribution name change: From Audax Gnu/Linux to PostX Gnu/Linux

The Audax part will act as an identifier pointing to Linux base (Currently Debian).The name change was partially because audax is quite commonly used name and having a bit more originality does not hurt. The biggest reason for the name change was however the fact that the system is getting ready to move towards new directions, which were originally out of scope when I started this project.

– Kernel is now 3.14.42. The kernel is Tuxonice patched.  Hibernation might work when system gets installed to HD. The feature proved to be unstable and was thus left out from the release.

– Slim display manager removed. The system uses startx by default, again. Slim had some notable performance issues, which led to the removal.

– The number of virtual consoles is now limited to two (was previously six). The system now uses less Ram.

– Getty pager is replaced with a smaller counterpart: Ngetty.

-Less now points to busybox.less by default.

– Pcmanfm updated to 1.2.3. Automatic mounting works now.

– Audax sound selector now supports Bluetooth.

– Xpdf replaced by Evince-audax (trimmed down version of Evince).

– Xfburn-audax added (CD/Dvd creation tool)
– Chromium becomes the default browser since it works with Alsa-Bluetooth integration (Firefox has problems on it). Firefox-audax package remains available within the repository

– Added Chromium Flash as a contrib package. The package is not installed by default. To install do: sudo apt-get install pepper-*

– Wallpapers are no longer labeled.

– Abiword (v.3.0) is added. This is a customized minimal build.

– Automatic network configuration is now disabled. Netset program added for that purpose. You only need to configure network after you have installed the system to a HD. Live-mode should pick up network automatically

– Shortkeys are now remapped so that usage could be optimized further. Also, more shortkeys are added.

– All released wallpapers are now included by default (via new version of wallpapers package)

– Power manager gui added. Power manager handles shutdown, reboot and suspend. Shortkey is Winkey p

– Sysman2 handles all other daily tasks and has entries for wlanset, wallselector, netset etc. Shortkey is: Winkey w

– Ekiga is now an extra package and not included by default

– /usr/share/examples folder is added to serve as a placeholder for important files or examples


Additional notes.

-Sysman2 and other programs coming within audax-programs package can be located under /usr/share

-Wallpapers are under: /usr/share/audax-wallpapers and usr/share/wallpapers contains the PostX branch logo.

-By pressing Winkey x you can now open up a file that contains all shortkeys that are functional by default.

– If you use HDMI display/Bluetooth sound device you will not get sound functionality out of the box. You need to setup your sound device (HDMI, or Bluetooth) with sound-selector. The process should only take few minutes. HDMI and Bluetooth devices do not support media keys (Xf86 keys) and you control the volume via software (like Vlc sound slider) or buttons found within your Hdmi or Bluetooth devices. If you use an onboard soundcard it should automatically get configured correctly and all the media keys should also (mostly) function.