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Vintage theme pack


Here is another theme for Openbox. If you want additional information about Openbox then check out my previous post from the topic:


Here is a screen capture from the theme decorations:

Vintage theme

Parts of to theme and download links:

*Vintage theme file

*Vintage main background

*Vintage alternative background

*Yellow_vintage Firefox/Thunderbird persona

Openbox theme installation: Just download the theme archive and then open it. The theme will be automatically installed to your .themes folder which is found inside your user’s home directory. Note: Do make sure that you have the obconf  installed. Obconf handles the theme installations  in Openbox

To apply wallpapers you can use, for example, feh:

feh –bg-scale backgroundname.png

Vintage  is released under GPL


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Dreamlight and Jwm

Dreamlight Jwm configuration


It is time to relase the final part of Dreamlight series and without further ado here is Dreamlight Jwm along with some instructions.

Save the entries found inside of the pdf file as .jwmrc and the .jwmrc to your home directory. If you need help with modifying and customizing the .jwmrc file see the tutorial which I published earlier: Easy Jwm tutorial Continue reading