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Introducing the redshift: a help against weary eyes

When you work long hours with a computer at some point you will also start to feel the effects of it in your eyes. We of course have Gnome with its dynamically changing backgrounds and KDE4 with its similar kind of solutions. The bad part of it is that you will of course see the desktop backgrounds changing when the day goes by but the colors of overall workstation will stay the same which might in turn make long work hours challenging. So if you want to save your eyes and take the advantages that the  redshift might offer then this post is definitely for you.

With the redshift you can achieve a state where your system can literally set the color temperatures of your screen according to the the time of the day/night of your locale timezone. The redshift is a nice little program also because you can run it as a background process without consuming too much system resources. If you want a specific and more detailed description of  all the things that the redshift can do you should check out the manual pages of it. In terminal type the following once the program is installed: man redshift

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