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Howto: Install (and remove) Sun-Java on Linux

The installation of Sun-Java runtime environment (JRE) can be a tricky thing and yet it is sometimes needed so everything works as it should. In my time I have experienced several cases where the free java openjdk/icedtea alternative has proven to be outdated in a way some pages have failed to show up correctly.

In this post I am going to show you how to install Sun-Java to a Linux system. These instructions are tested with Debian and Mageia 2 so they should apply pretty well to most configurations. The following instructions are tested and working with Firefox and Chromium browsers. Continue reading

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Howto Conky (Part 2): Writing a simple Conky configuration

During this weekend I did a transition to Mageian Linux a great rpm based distribution. I must say that I really like the distro and upon tweaking it I came up with an alternative conky config which is a simple one but yet an effective configuration. Continue reading

linux screenshot, screenshot from linux, linux conky, linux tint2

HOWTO: Configure Conky

What is Conky?

Simple definition:

Conky is a nice little program which runs in the background of Linux system and can display all kind of information to you while using very little system resources.

Configuring Conky

There are indeed multiple different ways to configure conky, which you shall find out if you search conky configs via Google or any other search engine out there. I have to say that personally I think that conky is a superior application which delivers a modern and attractive look to your desktop in ways which is very hard to top with anything else that is out there today. In addition conky is a very flexible piece of software. Continue reading

What’s up?

It certainly has been a month of many activities and experiments with Linux and it is time to get back to blog writing activities as well. Next I will be discussing about a great application called conky and I will also give you an example of my current conky config with which I have spent quite considerable time with. The conky post shall appear some time around today so see you then.