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Techtimejourney is back from hiatus and new version of Crosslinker FM released

Techtimejourney returns back to action after a hiatus. Here is a new version of Crosslinker FM. The code is a bit cleaner and the file-manager is now more short key focused than before. Verbosity has also been increased. The Outlook has gone through changes as well. As a result GUI is now cleaner.

The file-manager is available at my Github. Finally, here is a screenshot.

PostX Gnu/Linux 0.6 RC1(64-bit) is released

You will use PostX Gnu/Linux with your own responsibility. Always backup your important files before proceeding.

PostX 0.6 has been released. This release is built from Debian 10. This is the first Systemd release of PostX and it also uses EFI boot.

postx.postx gnu/linux techtimejourney linux
PostX 0.6 desktop

PostX 0.6 RC1 includes:

  • Firefox as web-browser.
  • Crosslinker FM as filemanager.
  • Quick Terminal as terminal.
  • Metapad as text-editor.
  • Base Player as music file player.
  • QPlayer as video file player.
  • PostX Calendar as calendar.
  • Slim as display manager
  • Openbox as desktop.
  • Tint2 as panel.
  • Calamares installer.

Download PostX Gnu/Linux 0.6. RC1 iso. (828M)

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Linux Containers (LXC) tutorial

Docker is a big deal these days. However, it is not the only game in town. Today, we are going to take a look at Linux containers, which is one alternative to Docker.

LXC homepage:

This tutorial has been composed with Debian 10. Notice that I am not using systemd(no systemctl commands).

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Openbox and gnome-control-center

As I am trying new ideas for PostX GNU/Linux 0.6, I decided to see how is gnome-control-center working in Debian Buster. Being an Openbox user, I encountered some issues. Documenting them below in hopes that they can help others.

First time launching gnome-control-center from terminal:

gnome-control-center:24141): dbind-WARNING **: 16:23:03.199: Error retrieving accessibility bus address: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.a11y.Bus was not provided by any .service files
ERROR:../shell/cc-shell-model.c:458:cc_shell_model_set_panel_visibility: assertion failed: (valid)

Now, lets install one package that is needed:

sudo apt-get install at-spi2-core

If I run gnome-control-center again I get this:

ERROR:../shell/cc-shell-model.c:458:cc_shell_model_set_panel_visibility: assertion failed: (valid)

Previously this solution used to work – but it is no longer valid on its own. Doing it anyway just to make sure.

sudo rm -r .local .cache

And finally, exporting GNOME as environment variable. After this: gnome-control-center command should work as expected.


I did not go further on my tests this time. I discovered that gnome-control-center integation to Openbox would require some more work. Still, I might integrate gnome-control-center more fully to PostX Gnu/Linux 0.6.