PostX Gnu/Linux 0.6 RC1(64-bit) is released

You will use PostX Gnu/Linux with your own responsibility. Always backup your important files before proceeding.

PostX 0.6 has been released. This release is built from Debian 10. This is the first Systemd release of PostX and it also uses EFI boot.

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PostX 0.6 desktop

PostX 0.6 RC1 includes:

  • Firefox as web-browser.
  • Crosslinker FM as filemanager.
  • Quick Terminal as terminal.
  • Metapad as text-editor.
  • Base Player as music file player.
  • QPlayer as video file player.
  • PostX Calendar as calendar.
  • Slim as display manager
  • Openbox as desktop.
  • Tint2 as panel.
  • Calamares installer.

Download PostX Gnu/Linux 0.6. RC1 iso. (828M)

Network-manager takes care of Internet now. Wifi support should be enabled out of the box.
When I was setting up wifi, I needed to right-click nm-applet and choose Edit connections. From there, I created a new wifi connection incorporated with my network details. After this, everything worked.


Wallpapers are on /usr/share/wallpapers (ls /usr/share/wallpapers)
Change wallpaper by customizing .wall/ (nano .wall/

Slim display manager themes are at (usr/share/slim/themes)
Change Slim themes by customizing /etc/slim.conf

Shortkeys are listed inside (cat

.xinitrc contains keyboard language value(defaults to: setxkbmap fi &).
Consider changing the value to match your keyboard´s locale. See a proper keyboard value from the values document (cat values).

Rebooting the system. From terminal: sudo reboot

Shutdown the system. From terminal: sudo poweroff

Burn PostX to usb (Destroyes all data from the usb)

Be cautious on the steps below. Verify your device addresses with lsblk or sudo gparted (or some other way).

sudo dd if=postx_image_location_here of=/dev/sdb_name_here && sync

Do not use partition location on sdb_name. For example: /dev/sdb1 is wrong; /dev/sdb is correct.

Installing the system from live environment

sudo su #become root.
calamares #start the installer.

You should create at least:

Root partition (/)
Boot partition (/boot/efi 300-400M)
Swap (3-4G)

RC1 is practically PostX 0.6, things to do before the final release include:

  • Debian packaging for settings and programs+ upgrading repositories.
  • Customzing Calamares installer.

The rationale is that there should be no need for reinstall between RC1 and final iso image.