Monthly Archives: November 2012

Install program in a Linux via terminal: The simple case scenario

Sometimes it may happen that you will actually need to install something manually: there might not be a recent enough version from the program which you need or the program may be absent all together. Solution for the previous hardship is installing the program from source code via terminal. Continue reading

How to compile Openmeetings: an audio and video conferensing program for Linux (Part 2)

If you are trying to build Openmeetings read the previous part of the guide first:

Disclaimer: Remember that everything in this post is provided purely on educational purposes. If any harm should come to your system the author of this website withdraws from any responsibility. Also you should be noted that in case of Ffmpeg different codes of conduct may be applied to the usage of the Ffmpeg depending on your location. Continue reading

HOWTO: Create conky config part 3: conky with a bit more info in it

In this post I will showcase yet another Conky config. As this is the third Conky post I will really not go through so much detail about Conky because they can be read from earlier entries. Continue reading