Monthly Archives: February 2014

Gentoo: keywords

When using Gentoo sometimes you face the situation that you just need to add something to your keywords file. More specifically portage will tell you something like: the following keyword changes are required in order to install packages x and y…

Keywords are basically words, whill tell your Gentoo box what is suitable or desired to be installed in your box. Keywords can also be used to install packages, which are not so stable in general use – so caution is adviced before actually enabling any extra keywords.

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Solving the automount issue

When you are using a lightweight window manager (fluxbox, openbox, jwm…) the first issue you will probably encounter is how to mount an usb drive. Of course the manual way of doing things as a root or a sudo works (meaning: sudo mount /dev/volume_name mountpoint_name) but it can get a bit frustrating to do it every single time when a new usb appears – so here are two ways to make things automatic. Continue reading