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PostX 0.2.5 released (Was Audax Gnu/Linux)

PostX Gnu/Linux is finally here. The name has changed along with many other things. Even when things took way longer than I originally expected I am very pleased to anounce this release since it serves as a clear pathway towards things to come. Currently, this is likely to be the last major release with Debian Wheezy base. However, as the shift to Jessie base gradually happens I will continue to maintain the Wheezy base as well by adding minor fixes. Now, go ahead and enjoy PostX 0.2.5, which still has a long time to go before EOL since Debian Wheezy will be LTS release like its predecessor.

Head over to PostX info page for further info and download link


Audax news

As Debian Jessie just got released I decided to do something exciting with Audax: create two versions of it.

The current branch of Audax, which is now 0.2. will be the so called LTS branch, which will stay with Debian Wheezy. Currently, I am cleaning things up and my plan is to push every single fix I have made during the last few months to a new version of Audax 0.2 branch, which will have a version number of 0.2.5. The version numbering was chosen because there are quite many improvements coming along with some nice interface tune-ups.

After the 0.2.5 version is released the future of Audax continues as follows: Continue reading