Base Player upgraded to version 2

Base Player has been upgraded to version 2. Full list of features is listed below. The program is available on my Base Player Github project page.

Current list of features for this C++ QT5 player are:

V1. features:

Add or remove files. When removing song make sure that you remove the topmost song last. When the topmost song is remove the remove button will go disabled. Remove button activates again when a new list of songs arrives.

Play, Stop,Pause playback.

Accepts songs from different folders as items for the playback.

Duration bar that moves according to the song position. Can be used for navigation as well.

Volume adjuster that uses pulseaudio and pulseaudio-utils.

All buttons and elements have tooltips.

Done with pure QT5.

Styled with CSS.

V2. added features.

Playlist mode added.

Statusbar messages upgraded.

Play song functionality improved to be more functional.

Random program crashes fixed.

Removal of the entire song list made possible.

Song name(info) will show up once song is selected.

Playing is handled via buttons; Double-click to play a song is removed as a redundant functionality.

UI is redesigned.

 Disabling listWidget during playback.

	-Song needs to be stopped or paused in order for the listWidget to become active.