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Dual booting Linux and Windows and a static dhcp lease on a hardware firewall

Let’s say that you are using a hardware firewall. It may be Ipfire or Pfsense box or something else. You have a setup, which focuses on security and hence you have given each and every machine a static lease from the firewall’s dhcp server. The previous means that you might have a setup where dhcp range is small and occupied by your machines. Also, since you have given each machine a static lease you also know their local ip addresses and you are also able to tell all the mac addresses of the devices in your network. Continue reading

Most common security mistakes people do

To be fair, some of these issues are getting quite ancient while some of them are new. The common ground is that they never seem to go away, as there is always some people that keep on doing them. Here is my list of security “horrors” that you or anyone you know should take care of. Continue reading