Crosslinker FM v.5 has arrived

Looking for the latest Crosslinker FM (now v.6)? Get it here.

Crosslinker FM v.5 has arrived. Start by reading the info sheet and then proceed to the Install instructions. The info sheet contains important information, so it is recommended that you read it before installation and usage.

Crosslinker FM v.5 Info Sheet


Within most systems the below or similar should be enough. Using Debian family as an example.

In Debian/Mint/Ubuntu etc. type this to terminal:

sudo apt-get install python python3 python-gi python3-gi python-minimal python-gobject python-pygame python-eyed3 python-pymad python-magic xfce4-notifyd

If you need further assistance with the dependencies then take a look at this entry as well:

Python: “Cannot import module” issue and installing needed Python bits.

Note. Python-magic is listed as a dependency because it will host a feature in a near future. The feature will be a plug-in coming outside of Crosslinker FM code but communicating with it directly.


Download Crosslinker FM v.5 (as a zip)

Copy or move it to /usr/share

Copying example: sudo cp -R /home/Tester/Downloads/Clfm /usr/share
Moving example: sudo mv /home/Tester/Downloads/Clfm /usr/share

Make the program executable: sudo chmod +x /usr/share/Clfm/

Execute the program like this: python /usr/share/Clfm/

For easier launching you should create a new symbolic link
For example:
sudo ln -s /usr/share/Clfm/ /usr/local/bin/clfm

The command above will create a link called clfm. So, when the link is created and you type clfm to a command prompt then Crosslinker FM should appear. To remove the created link replace ln -s with rm -r (See the example command above). You can also use xbindkeys or any other program or just the native Openbox, Fluxbox etc. functions to bind Crossliner FM to your favorite shortkey for easier and faster startup.

Installing to a custom path:

Note. The CSS file coming with Crosslinker FM uses absolute path, which points to /usr/share/Clfm If you wish to install Crosslinker FM to another location be sure to change the absolute path of the CSS file before proceeding. Somewhere around line 740 within the program you should find:

css = open(‘/usr/share/Clfm/style.css’, ‘rb’)
Change the pathway of the above to the one you wish to use.

Alternative theme added

Crosslinker FM v.5 Crosslinker FM themes

Dark theme added. If dark theme is better for you then navigate to CSS Resources. Move the files dark.jpg and style.css to /usr/share/Clfm (do not copy the folder dark-style itself).