HTML5-Gtk Player / Python version

Here is a HTML5-Gtk Player, which I released together with PostX 0.4.2. It plays Youtube and HTML5 with Python. Note. The dependencies listed below might be different depending upon your system version or Linux distribution.

#HTML-GTK PLAYER Copyright (c) 2017 JJ Posti <>
#This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY;
#for details see:
#This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under
#GPL Version 2, June 1991″)

4th of March 2018:

HTML-GTK Player v.4 is added This release fixes some bugs.

11th of September 2017:

HTML-GTK Player v.3 is added. This release fixes HTML5 rendering issues on Youtube.

2nd of July 2017:

Get Html-Gtk-Player v.2 from here. Functionality remains the same – Vimeo support is added.



python-webkit #Edit. This package is something that is very unlikely needed.



linux html5 playback, html5 player linux

Html5 Player start screen.

html5 linux youtube, html5 playback linux youtube

Htm5 Player in Youtube.

The future of this player’s back-end is in C++

It seems that Debian is about to remove python-webkit from the next stable branch – since the package , apparently, has no maintainer. The good news is that I have already coded a new player back-end with C++. The front-end will be python QT5. The new player will be released as soon as I complete full stability testing. In the mean time you can continue using this player. PostX users will receive an automatic update once the new player arrives.

Edit. Python-webkit removal should not be an issue. Regardless of Python the future of this player is still happening in C++ – since the upcoming new code will likely perform very well on a future Debian base(Stretch)

Download Html-Gtk-Player (as a zip) <– older version

To run the program: open terminal and do: python

If you need to make the file executable: chmod +x