JWM theme: Black dust release (GPL)

Another week is about to start and to celebrate that here is a new JWM theme and a background. This theme was inspired by Dust themes which I used to use some years ago.

Jwm theme

How to apply the theme

Put the entries found inside the pdf file below to a text file named as  .jwmrc and put .jwmrc to your home directory.


If you need help with modifying and customizing the .jwmrc file see the tutorial which I published earlier: Easy Jwm tutorial

If you want to use the background supplied with the theme you should have feh installed alongside JWM.

Get the background from here:https://www.techtimejourney.net/?attachment_id=1198

Save the background file as black.png and put it inside your user’s home directory


Change the entry    <StartupCommand>feh –bg-scale black.png</StartupCommand> to match an actual location of a background file.

Firefox persona to complete the theme experience can be obtained from here: