PostX Gnu/Linux 0.2.5 info page

Quickstart information.

Burning the an iso to usb under Linux.

If you use usb (fat32 formatted): “burn” Audax to it by executing the following command under terminal client:

sudo dd bs=4M if=Audax-0.2.iso of=/dev/sdb && sync

Warning: Make sure that /dev/sdb is your actual usb drive – it might be something else. Do not mount the usb stick or otherwise the above example will fail. A good way to get things unmounted and check the usb drive address is to run gparted as a root or a sudo.


live-user name: audax

password :live

type: startx to start the graphical desktop.

Live-mode configures network automatically. After installing to HD use netset to get wired network running. Netset is found within Sysman2 (Winkey w or /usr/share/sysman2)

You can start the installer by pressing Winkey i OR by pressing F2 and typing: gksudo live-installer OR by opening a terminal and typing: sudo live-installer

To view all available shortkeys press Winkey x

Note. Postx does not come with contrib non-free drivers installed. PostX comes installed only with GPL software. If you wish to add non-free or contrib repository open the sources list file within a terminal and add the entries you need. An Example about how to open the sources.list file with nano:

sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list.d/audax.list

When you are done, save the file and do sudo apt-get update within a terminal client. Note. Before you can ,in any case, install anything new to the system you must open a terminal and do: sudo apt-get update so that your system can sync with repositories. Tip. If you like to do things with a GUI press Winkey m and open Synaptic package manager.

If you keyboard defaults to a wrong language after installation see values file to find your correct locale. The file is inside user’s home directory. After this, open a file .xinitrc within home directory and change the #setxkbmap fi & line.

Example: Press F2 to open the run dialog. Then type geany .xinitrc to open the file. Uncomment #setxkbmap fi & to be something like setxkbmap fi & then save and exit the file. Next time you start your desktop your keyboard should be under the correct locale. Tip. you can also throw setxkbmap fi directly to a terminal which will change keyboard instantly for the current session (or alternatively, just press Winekey f)

Added tip: Sound

Alsamixer is now the program to control sound levels. You can locate it within the Fluxbox right-click menu: System-> alsamixer. If you start your system with a display, which is connected to your computer with a HDMI cable you will not hear sound until you configure your sound device. Press Winkey w and start Sound selector, which should take care of things in no time.

Notice: an error in the shortkeys Info file (Conserns: PostX release iso).See the full fixed shortkeys listing from here.

The info file states the following:

ALT +: Increases audio 5%
ALT – : Lowers audio 5%

The above is an error. The correct values are:

Winkey up : Increases audio 5%

Winkey down :  Lowers audio 5%

The above issue will be fixed soon with an updated package containing a revised version of the info file.

You should also definitely take a look into this brief post: Chromium browser and Fluxbox (fixing the empty window issue)

And here is also some information about the  repository-remote-end-closed-connection error.

The error is non-fatal to the functionality of the PostX repository.

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