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Building mplayer and gmplayer (mplayer gui)

In this entry I am going to go through the steps, which are needed for building the latest mplayer and gmplayer from their source codes. I am also going to show how to easily create .deb packages when using a distribution coming from the  Debian family (Debian,Ubuntu, Linux Mint etc.)  The steps below are done within a terminal client.

If you are using distributions that is not related to Debian family then compiling and installing follows the simple pattern of  ./configure && make && sudo make install

You can pass some options to the configure line, which appear under the section  CONFIGURE_FLAGS = \  (see below for a full example). A  short  example:  ./configure – – enable-gui

If you need any help with the configure line execute ./configure – – help for a full options listing.

Important. There should be no space between – – markings (this is a WordPress related problem, which  shows the markings incorrectly).

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