Techtimejourney was upgrading

Techtimejourney has been upgraded to new outlook and feel. Enjoy.

Things that were changed after 10th of November(initial release of the new outlook)

11th of November: Changed PostX Gnu/Linux page background and overall Techtimejourney background to achieve more clarity. Also, some code was added to remedy browser scaling issues on very large screens. Special note. Older versions of Chrome seem to handle wallpaper scaling badly. The previous might lead to a notable blurring when using a tablet or a mobile with outdated Chrome browser. The blurring issue is a Chrome specific bug/problem, which has been widely reported especially in the older versions.

Upgrade procedures that were done:

10th of November: upgrade is completed. Website back-end has been redesigned and outlook has been uplifted as well.

26th of October (already done and uploaded):

27th of October (already done and uploaded):

About page redesign and upgrade