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Bluewalls (a fluxbox theme and a wallpaper)

Bluewalls information:

The theme is Gpl.  The theme comes with a all new wallpaper: bluewalls, which you can also get from my  Gpl gallery.

Currently this theme is the only one of its kind but I am considering to develop it to become a theme series similar to Blackdust. Continue reading

Fluxbox tweaks: enabling pseudo-trasparency

Fluxbox is small and quite flexible window manager.  One of its great features is the ability to become pseudo-transparent. What pseudo-transparency does is that it produces effects, which are similar to the features offered by more heavier window managers like Gnome and Kde. Fluxbox does not however create any performance impact if its pseudo-transparency features are enabled. Continue reading

Blackdust-burned (a fluxbox theme and a wallpaper)

Blackdust-burned information:

The theme is Gpl.  The theme contains the second part of my Blackdust series. The theme comes with a new wallpaper: burned, which you can get also from my Gpl gallery Continue reading

Building mplayer and gmplayer (mplayer gui)

In this entry I am going to go through the steps, which are needed for building the latest mplayer and gmplayer from their source codes. I am also going to show how to easily create .deb packages when using a distribution coming from the  Debian family (Debian,Ubuntu, Linux Mint etc.)  The steps below are done within a terminal client.

If you are using distributions that is not related to Debian family then compiling and installing follows the simple pattern of  ./configure && make && sudo make install

You can pass some options to the configure line, which appear under the section  CONFIGURE_FLAGS = \  (see below for a full example). A  short  example:  ./configure – – enable-gui

If you need any help with the configure line execute ./configure – – help for a full options listing.

Important. There should be no space between – – markings (this is a WordPress related problem, which  shows the markings incorrectly).

Continue reading