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Comparing Yocto and Buildroot – and announcing plans to make a new project

So, I have  a Raspberry Pi. I have used quite many different distributions with it but now I have decided to do something of my own. I decided to go all the way to the source this time and as I write this my system is building an embedded image for Raspberry Pi with Buildroot. I also tested Yocto project once again but ended up using Buildroot instead. Below are the reasons why.
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CSS resources

On this page you will find CSS resources I (JJ Posti) have released along with projects. The CSS files will receive revisions and are due to change when time goes by. Essentially, this page can be understood as a theme archive for my software projects.

Crosslinker FM v.5 resources

Light theme(default)

Dark theme(alternative)

Runner-Bar  CSS resources

0.2-CSS (Default with dark colors)

Alternative:Runner-Bar light theme

RunIT Browser CSS-resources

RunIT-0.2-CSS (Default with dark colors)

Runner-Bar v.0.2-CSS is here

Runner-Bar v.0.1 was good but since I love styling I just made a new better release. Runner-Bar v.0.2  comes with a CSS support – now CSS actually handles all the styling. I also added tooltips, removed some obsoleted code and cleared some unneeded module importing while I was add it. I decided to keep the Runner-Bar v.0.1 page onboard as a reference.  You can find it here.

Also, a  “new release” of Power Manager 3 is now available. This bug fix release only fixes a minor spacing issue.Gentoo distribution complained about the spacing and did not want to start the program at all. On Debian base there was not even an error. Here is a screenshot from the new Runner-Bar. Now, the buttons will also highlight when you move mouse cursor on top of them.

linux programs, linux software, python programs, unix programs, unix software

Runner-Bar 0.2 with CSS.


runner-bar, techtimejourney programs, screenshots linux

About Runner-Bar.


If you do not want dark colors then check out the light theme for Runner-Bar

If you do not want dark colors then check out the light theme for Runner-Bar

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