Monthly Archives: January 2017

Crosslinker FM v.6 arrives

Here is a new version of Crosslinker FM. Version 6 brings cleaner code. I have now removed music playback features that were on previously released V.5. Playback features will return as a standalone music player. Also, now the xdg-utils is removed and Crosslinker will open files with clearly stated default programs – instead of trying to find the system default. The previous is better for performance and functionality. Continue reading

HTML5: Adding custom search engines to a website

Disclaimer: I have no relationship with any search engine. All that
is expressed below is based upon my own personal preferences and
interests related to online security.

Search engines would not be much fun if you could not add them to your website. In this post I will list some HTML5 forms by which you can add three privacy oriented search engines to your website. To be clear: If you adapt the examples below you can add pretty much anything. Continue reading