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Checking the checksums

This post is mostly about Security Hash Algoritms and how you can use them to verify the integrity of your files.


Let’s say you downloaded something. The website had a sha1sum there and you want to verify that you actually got the file you wanted – and not some tampered malware. Checking is as easy as writing:

sha1sum <filename> .

Or if you want to verify a checksum even more easily, pipe it and use grep.

sha1sum <filename> | grep <checksum_listed_on_the_page> .

If you get the hash as an output that usually means that things are ok. If you get nothing then there is a mismatch.

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Notes is an application for making quick notes.

Notes is an application written with C++. You can compile this project easily using QtCreator. Dependencies remain minimal and the program is light by desing. Styling is done via QCSS.

linux c++, c++ minimal apps, c++ linux apps

Notes_app is done with C++.

Download notes_app_(as a zip)

Notes_app is also available on my Github.


Programs upgrade

The following programs have now been upgraded:

Crosslinker FM Reboot version: New outlook,

Digital clock: PostX 0.5 RC outlook version is now available.

HTML5-Gtk-Player bug fix release.

Metapad to v.1.2 fixing file saving issues.

RunIT Browser to v.0.6.3: Startpage becomes default search engine, Privatelee removed.

Vol2X-Reloaded: minor bug-fix release.

Volume Widget: minor bug-fix release.

XRunner to v.2: Outlook is tweaked and program becomes faster.

All projects are also in my Github.

PostX Gnu/Linux 0.5 RC will receive these upgrades soon.