Integrate terminal client to your desktop: the case of aterm

As I covered the case of top-down terminal tilda in an earlier post I had an idea to write a post about another terminal client which I used during the last few years. This terminal was called aterm: a nice program which you could literally integrate to your desktop.

Aterm is a great terminal to customize and I really recommend to check out the manual pages of aterm for more information: in terminal client(s) type: man aterm.

Here is a screenshot of aterm running (on the top corner of the screen):

And here is how you run aterm with full transparency:

aterm -tr -bl +sb

If you happen to use fluxbox/openbox you might consider giving aterm some time to startup (in case you have gnome-settings-daemon running):

in fluxbox startup file I have the following entry when running gnome-settings-daemon: (sleep 11 && aterm -tr -bl +sb)  &

One final note: when you are using aterm do remember the previously mentioned terminal commands clear and reset. Clear clears the terminal from written material and reset does a  full “restart” with  much similar effects than clear.