Vol2x: volume control application released

 Get The latest version done with QT5 & Python .

Here is a new Pulseaudio volume control application for you to enjoy.

Let’s start with a license and a screenshot.

Vol2x Copyright (c) 2016 JJ Posti <techtimejourney.net>
Vol2x is a Pulseaudio sound changing program.The program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY;
for details see: http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html.
This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under
GPL Version 2, June 1991.
volume control linux, puiseaudio volume control

The program has been done with Python and QT. So, if you use desktop which relies on GTK2/3 make sure to install qt4-qtconfig.

qtconfig. qtconfig-qt4

With Qtconfig you can make sure that the outlook is balanced between QT and GTK+ applications. I recommend using Clearlooks theme. Remember to save changes before exiting Qtconfig.

Now, for the features of Vol2x.

1. Controls five sound devices simultaniously. In reality, you usually only have one device  active at any time. Vol2x goes though its list to see which device is active. After going though the list Vol2x adjusts the volume. This means that you can control the volume of speakers, usb headsets, hdmi display or bluetooth headsets alike with the same slider.

2.Vol2x has sound slider and volume level indicator. Sound slider changes sound volumes of the devices from zero to ninety-nine. If needed, after the volume slider is maxed you can still increase volume within the program that plays the sound – or you can maximize the audio stream volume with pavucontrol.  Note. I do not recommend doing the previous unless you know exactly what you are doing. Too high volume levels can really damage your ears.

3.The program starts with slider pointing to value zero . This does not mean that your sound gets muted when the program starts. Changes only happen when the slider is moved. I chose to start the program with the zero value since I wanted to make sure that drastic sound jumps would not take place upon startup.

4.Vol2x has mute and unmute buttons along with pavucontrol button. With pavucontrol you can further fine-tune the sound settings.

Installation and usage:

You will need python and python-qt4 in order to run this program. I highly recommend that you also install pavucontrol and qt4-qtconfig packages in order to use the program to its full extent. If you are using Kde then qtconfig should not be needed. Tip. After installing qt4-qtconfig you can start the program by typing qtconfig to the terminal client.

After decompressing the archive,remember to make the program executable with chmod +x vol2x.py

Run the program with python vol2x.py

Execute the above commands within a terminal client. You can also make a symbolic link – to achieve an  easier startup.(For example, sudo ln -s vol2x.py /usr/local/bin/vol2x)

Note. Make sure that you cd into the folder containing vol2x.py. Alternatively, you can provide an absolute path like this: python /home/tester/Vol2x/vol2x.py


Download Vol2x (program is inside the zip archive)

Known issues

If you press unmute and mute buttons within Vol2x pavucontrol does not register sound to be muted or unmuted correctly. This issue is likely related to pavucontrol’s and pulseaudio’s coexistence rather than Vol2x.