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Appendix: Audax live-mode and duplicate network lines

Looking for the network configuration guide of Audax 0.2? Go here first

Just noticed a small issue, which only concerns the live-cd mode of Audax 0.2 and remains obsolete when the system is installed.

It seems that Debian live-builder duplicates some network lines when entering the live-mode. Continue reading

Turning off the automatic screen blanking on lightweight desktops

You might generally prefer that your computer’s screen turns off after 10 to 15 minutes of inactivity – at least I know I do. Every now and then it happens that you are doing something – like watching a movie- which makes automatic screen blanking anything but great. Luckily, disabling the auto blanking is quite easy. For a one time disabling just open up a terminal client and place the following command in it: Continue reading

Audax and wallpapers

Just to clarify some confusions, here is a description about the currently available wallpapers within Audax repository:

deb audax main

audax-labeled (A labeled version of Audax wallpapers. The current 0.2. default)

audax-wallpapers (The old default wallpaper set, which contains no integrated shortkeys, like audax-labeled)

calmwaters-wallpapers (An extra wallpaper set, which is also label free.) Continue reading

The case of Ramboot: Pros and cons and how to disable it – if needed.

Nowadays, when making a live cd/dvd distribution there exists an option to load the entire iso image to the Ram memory and run it from there. Below, I will list few pros and cons related to this approach.


*You can remove your boot media after the os has loaded to the live-mode.

*When the load has been completed the system remains faster (since it does not need to retrieve anything from an external media).

*Ramboot state is generally speaking a lot more stable than the traditional live-mode and thus you can compile things and test different ideas without the fear of crashes (in most cases). Continue reading