Design announcements: Techtimejourney Galleries & small fixes to PostX Gnu/Linux page

I released a new page called Techtimejourney Galleries. The page replaces the old drop-down menu (was Gallery&Themes). Techtimejourney Galleries also brings many outlook and performance enhancements. Overall, the page is a considerably desired upgrade.

techtimejourney designs, JJ Posti designs

This was the second edition of the new outlook. The second edition did fix some mobile device scaling issues. This is only a reference now. The third edition of the page is up and running with more fixes and usability upgrades.

If for some reason you fail to see the results like above then check that you are running the current version of your browser. Techtimejourney Galleries also has links pointing to old Gallery root pages – in case you need them. On other news: I made small fixes to PostX Gnu/Linux page source and removed some minor issues like front-end misspelling. All in all, I hope you enjoy the new layouts.

Notice. 27th of September: The first version of the outlook created a bug which caused scaling issues – especially with mobile devices. I have now fixed those issues and the page should actually scale according to user’s device.

Notice2. 27th of September. The screenshot is now just a reference. As the evening arrives, the page has now developed to become more solid and it has received quite many graphical updates and layout fixes. I have also upgraded the PostX Gnu/Linux pages accordingly.