PostX Gnu/Linux RC2 is here.

PostX Gnu/Linux RC2 is finally here.

First a screenshot

Size of the iso is 612 megabytes and it is only amd64. Remember to press Winkey + x to get the list of supported shortkeys.

Here are some of the notable changes that happened:

postx-programs-new (1.9) Audax; urgency=urgency
* RunIT Browser starts using QWebEngine. Comes with Tabs + new outlook. Also, code is simplified now. This packages contains 0.7.1 version
* Notes is added to applications(Openbox menu).
* Launchy panel’s outlook becomes more minimal.
* Quick Terminal has a new outlook.
* QCalculator v.2 added to package – replaces the Java based calculator.
* Nova sound application v2. added to package – replaces Vol2X-Reloaded.
* CRunner-QT to version 2 –> Replaces XRunner.

desktopsets-dark (0.7.2) Audax; urgency=urgency

* New wallpaper dark4 is added as a default.
* Launcher link for Notes_app is created.
* Nova sound application link added as sound.
* Qcalculator link added.
* Link for Crunner-QT added.

You can find download and resource links from PostX Gnu/Linux start page.

Live-mode and Installation

Note. If you are using an SSD or you have an UEFI bios, you will might need to press Tab key and add edd=off to the boot parameter list. Without edd=off the boot might hang with some ssds. After the installation everything should work as expected.

If you wish to burn the iso to usb stick open terminal and execute the following command: ALERT: Make sure that /dev/sdb is your actual usb stick – since all data in it will be erased.

sudo dd bs=4M if=name_of_the_file.iso of=/dev/sdb && sync

Tip. Use Fat32 file-format and check you device name with gparted. Open terminal and type sudo gparted

The distro can be tested in live-mode.

Live user: audax password: live

If you wish to install the distribution open the terminal(hit F3) and type: sudo live-installer

Before proceeding with installation, backup your important files. Things can go wrong sometimes and it is good to be prepared.