Programming projects page is upgraded

I have now written a replacement for the old Programming projects page. The new version is responsive and very invested in Javascript and has animations and date object, which are done via Javascript and its libraries.

The new page has slots for: Bash programs, C++ programs, Python programs and to my GitHub pages. 

Here is some old vs new statistics. According to GTmetrix.

The Old page has:

techtrimejourney performance, techtimejourney pages

And the new page has:

techtimejourney new pages, techtimejourney performance, techtimejourney updates

In conclusion: The new page wins easily. It has more effects and a lot more code in it. Still, it is all about improving the code and writing it better.

Additional notes:

I have archived the old Programming projects page. It can be found from the bottom of HTML5/CSS web designs.

You can also find the source of the new Programming projects page when you follow the link above.