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Audax sound selector updated to revision B and Wlansetup updated to a version 0.3.1-Audax

Recently, I made some much needed updates to two programs, which will also be present in the upcoming Audax 0.1.4.

Wlansetup updated to a version 0.3.1-Audax:

The update fixes a typo, which caused misbehavior on /etc/rc.local if there were already some lines present in it. Now Wlansetup adds the autostart line nicely to the end of /etc/rc.local.

*Note. If you get weird errors when using usb wlan sticks try another usb port. I had one usb port, which gave me plenty of errors and refused to start the interface scan of Wlansetup correctly – all other ports worked just fine.

Get the updated version from here: https://www.techtimejourney.net/wlan-setup-program-wpa2-wpa-psk-debian-family/

Audax sound selector updated to revision B:

The update adds Alsa HDMI support and a simple cli menu to keep things in order.

*Note if you use DebianĀ  Jessie/Sid your Alsa services might be masked. If this is the case just reboot the computer and your sound settings should load up correctly.

Get the updated version from here: https://www.techtimejourney.net/audax-sound-selector-program-released/

Alsa and HDMI sound via display

It turns out that getting a sound output from a HDMI connected display when using Alsa is actually really simple. Here is the outline of the process.

1. Install alsa-utils (we need a tool called aplay). For example: sudo apt-get install alsa-utils

2. Open a terminal client and type aplay -l to list all your sound devices.

You will get something like this: Continue reading