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The case of the muted HDMI sound (a.k.a. How to unmute).

A while back I released a program called Audax sound selector. The program is designed to make it easier to use sound with Alsa devices. See the original release post from here. One issue that I did not address within the release post was the case of the muted HDMI sound.

Audax uses Alsa and comes with a sound selection program of its own, which is designed with usability in mind. You can find Audax sound selector within Sysmanager2 Gui.

This is how the program looks like.


The setup of the HDMI sound with Alsa sound selector should be easy. The program itself (as seen above) is very simple. In any case, after you have completed the program and selected your HDMI sound device you still might not get any sound. The reason for the previous is this: your HDMI device (usually a display) might have its channels muted. Continue reading

Audax sound selector updated to revision B and Wlansetup updated to a version 0.3.1-Audax

Recently, I made some much needed updates to two programs, which will also be present in the upcoming Audax 0.1.4.

Wlansetup updated to a version 0.3.1-Audax:

The update fixes a typo, which caused misbehavior on /etc/rc.local if there were already some lines present in it. Now Wlansetup adds the autostart line nicely to the end of /etc/rc.local.

*Note. If you get weird errors when using usb wlan sticks try another usb port. I had one usb port, which gave me plenty of errors and refused to start the interface scan of Wlansetup correctly – all other ports worked just fine.

Get the updated version from here: https://www.techtimejourney.net/wlan-setup-program-wpa2-wpa-psk-debian-family/

Audax sound selector updated to revision B:

The update adds Alsa HDMI support and a simple cli menu to keep things in order.

*Note if you use DebianĀ  Jessie/Sid your Alsa services might be masked. If this is the case just reboot the computer and your sound settings should load up correctly.

Get the updated version from here: https://www.techtimejourney.net/audax-sound-selector-program-released/