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Techtimejourney going through Javascript & Jquery transition

It is time to upgrade again. Techtimejourney websites will go dynamic with Javascript and Jquery. The transition will take about 2 to 3 weeks – since alongside the transition there are plenty of new things that are comming soon (like PostX Gnu/Linux 0.4.2). As I upgrade, I will make sure that there will be non-Javascript versions of the websites available as well.  The upgrade strategy is to code the new pages mainly with HTML5, CSS, Javascript and Jquery. The previous is done because it makes optimization a bit more faster and easier than doing things directly within the WordPress backend.

However, WordPress backend will be upgraded to become dynamic – provided that a decent Javascript and non-Javascrpt balance is found.

And finally, here is some data and upgrade plans about the ” soon to be upgraded pages”

PostX Gnu/Linux startpage: upgrade completed: 20th of March. Gtmetrix results.


Galleries pages

Program sections pages

Youtube video page

HTML5/CSS web designs page

About page