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Networking and Audax

As Audax does not use Wicd anymore, it configures itself to use wired eth0 by default. Even when eth0 is the most common interface address, you may find that you cannot access wired network at all regardless. The most likely reason is that your interface name is something else (eth1). Follow the simple steps below to reconfigure Audax network settings. Continue reading

Audax 0.1.4 renamed to 0.2 due to some extensive changes in design.

After some considerations I decided to rename the upcoming new version to 0.2 since the design of the system has changed somewhat noticeably. For example, installer derived from Linux Mint Debian Edition is now a default, 4 new/improved Audax programs are also appearing along with  new wallpapers, which have short-key instructions integrated to them. The underlying design has also changed as a newer kernel brings some stability and performance for programs like Abiword, which used to be troublesome in the past.


The fact that Audax now comes to be more command line oriented (but not harder to use) also contributes towards the case that 0.1.4 should be renamed as 0.2. One of my original milestones was to build a usable lightweight system and my original idea was that I would likely complete the steps I now have done towards the end of 2015. As many of you might have noticed Audax has undergone quite a rapid development from its initial release, which happened during November 2014. I must admit that I have found developing and improving things to be quite nice and educational – but certainly my rapid approach to things has been somewhat unorthodoxical.¬† All the previous having said, I hope you will enjoy Audax 0.2. The development will continue but the rate of it will slow down towards more sensible release ratios in the future – since now the majority of the distribution’s issues, which really troubled me have been fixed in 0.2.

Audax 0.1.4 coming on Friday 27th of February

As I write this Audax 0.1.4. is done and ready. The delay was due to some significant problems with Debian installer. As Debian installer continued to cause headaches (as it kept on crashing), I decided to port Linux Mint’s installer to Audax.

Audax 0.1.4. will be 504 megabytes of size. Even when the size actually dropped about 100 megabytes from 0.1.3. that does not mean that features were compromised at all. Audax 0.1.4. includes for example: Continue reading