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Calendar application (QT4) and a current time (Gtk) are here

Here are two applications I have recently made. The first one, PostX-Calendar is a QT application, which will certainly be featured in the future PostX Gnu/Linux 0.4 release coming in late 2016. The second one, is a basic time shower: “Current Time”, which does what is says and displays the current time.

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python calendar, linux calendar, calendar for linux, pyqt calendar


Download Current-Time and PostX-Calendar combined zip archive file:

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Python: “Cannot import module” issue and installing needed Python bits.

You have your Python program in front of you. You have already made it executable with chmod +x and you are ready to run it. But, when you execute your program via terminal typing something like python you will be greeted with an error message saying something similar to this:

“Cannot import module X, no such module.” Continue reading