Monthly Archives: November 2016

Techtimejourney just got faster

I have updated the layout of Techtimejourney now. It is very lightweight compared to the older design. All images are now compressed, Javascript and CSS are both minified and database queries are now optimized. Techtimejourney is also using cache in productive and robust way. Being cached should not effect the browsing, apart from the speed increase. During this upgrade process I calculated that the increase in speed was roughly about 300%.  (Actually , close to 400% as of Nov.24th) Continue reading

Firefox/Thunderbird personas

In this section you will find Firefox and Thunderbird personas that I have released. The listed personas can be used either for Firefox or Thunderbird or both at the same time depending on the user’s choice.

Note: In order to use personas you will need an add-on called personas plus which you can get from Mozilla site:
Continue reading

Coding and attitude

A little time ago I was asked a question about web designing. A person wanted to know how is it possible to start to learn web designing. Below, is my answer to the question. As you will see, it relates more to attitude than to a practical de facto approach one should take. In the end, I believe that achieving the right kind of attitude plays a very important role when it comes to learning anything IT related. Continue reading