PostX 0.3. beta1 is finally here (Release notes and must read information)

After very long and careful fine-tuning I am proud to release PostX 0.3 first beta.

Download PostX 0.3. beta from my page

If you have comments about the PostX 0.3 beta navigate this Deviantart entry and drop a comment.

Some general questions and answers about the beta:

Q: Is it unstable to use?

A: It should not be. However, there might be some minor errors since 0.3. marks a major transition in PostX Gnu/Linux.

Q: Are the packages compatible with Debian Jessie?

A: Yes. Do not upgrade the base-files package though and do not install the apt-configs package if using Debian. The packages in question might break things or alter them in a ways you may not desire.

Q: How final is this the beta version?

A: General outlines are in place. The next beta will be more about fine-tuning things further and upgrading some old dusty things and building more optimized packages. Since the 0.3. beta is a moving target I will release upgrades via techtimejourney’s software channel and build a meta package, which pulls in all the latest things when they appear.

Q: Does the beta fit to a cd?

A: The iso size is about 764 megabytes. The release got bigger due the appearance of Libreoffice and likes. You should get a dvd or an usb stick. Burn image to usb stick like this:

sudo dd bs=4M if=Audax-0.2.iso of=/dev/sdb && sync

The beta user name is: audax and the password is live

Extra note (16th of August): to installthe beta to hd open a terminal client and type sudo live-installer during the live-mode. To switch between opened windows within openbox press ALT + TAB

Key features:

* Custom Linux kernel 4.1.3.
* IPV6 disabled by default (provides more speed).
* No Systemd. OpenRC is the new init system because it fits the needs of the minimal system better.

*Firefox returns as a default browser. If you want Alsa+HDMI support within web-browser consider installing chromium. Firefox currently has many issues with alsa hdmi sound.

*Selected parts Libreoffice 5 replace Abiword and Gnumeric. Now there is also a Powerpoint working out of the box,

*Pcmanfm is once again in charge of the files. Pcmanfm does not contain trashcan or automount support within PostX. Policykit caused heavy problems and thus the automount support came to be obsoleted. Trash was disabled to increase system robustness.

pcmanfm, pcmanfm linux linux file-managers

Pcmanfm in PostX 0.3 beta.

Postx-progams has some great added features:

*Miimo_tool (python cli)  provides a robust way to decompress and compress files to a different format. Miimo is integrated with Sysman2 launcher (Winkey + w)

miimo tool, linux decompressing, linux compressing

Miimo tool handles decompressing and compressing task. You will find miimo within Sysman2 gui.


small linu program, linux decompress, linux compress, linux compression terminal, linux decompress terminal, linux tools

Miimo tool usage example. 1. Enter directory name of the files 2. Choose rest of the options. To compress multiple files put them inside a folder and then compress the folder with Miimo, Write folder name as a regular text (without any  special marks).For example: myfolder

Note. Miimo is designed to be really fast. It exits instantly without a notice once decompressing or compressing is done. If you mistype the content name the program also exists instantly – but content does not appear compressed or decompressed on a desired location.

Important: Currently miimo can only compress single files to a zip. I also noticed that tar.xz selection has a bug and it does not work. Tar.gz and tar.bz2 formats work as intended. I will resolve tar.xz bug as soon as possible.

*Apt-fetcher (bash cli) provides a nice way to install,upgrade, search or even print all installeld packages easily. Apt-fetcher is integrated with Sysman2 launcher (Winkey + w)

linux apt-get, apt-get linux, package manager linux, linux package management

Apt-fetcher handles common package tasks. You will remove stuff with sudo apt-get remove somepackage. You need to be within a terminal client.

*Simple mount is now the official mount tool for PostX 0.3 series. Simple_mount is integrated with Sysman2 launcher (Winkey + w)

linux system launcher, techtimejourney, sysman2

Sysman2 is the main place where PostX programs can be found

*Getty is replaced by ngetty. Also the number of ttys is dropped from six to two making the system more robust

*PostX 0.3. beta comes with Openbox 3.6.1 and features three original themes: Dark_exit, Cypher (previously unreleased) and Requim (previously unreleased)

linux screenshots, openbox, openbox themes

PostX 0.3. comes with three original themes

*The system has a customized Openbox right-click menu, which has all the common functions in it.

*PostX has an all new wallpaper series: designator-set.

PostX 0.3 beta, linux screenshots, screenshots

PostX 0.3. default look.

Postx 0.3, linux screenshots, screenshots

Alternative outlook.

*The system is more integrated with QT and contains outlook fixes.

*There is an out of the box shortkey support.


Important notes:

If you want to mount a usb or a hardrive use simple-mount.

pcmanfm no automount

Pcmanfm has automount disabled within PostX 0.3 for a regular user – to increase system security. Use Simple mount to mount devices.

audio card setup linux, linux audio setup

Remember to setup your sound card with sound-selector.When switching sound cards restart Firefox and all other programs which are opened and use sound – so that the changes can take effect.

network setup, linux setup network interfaces, linux networking

After you have installed the system run Netset to setup your network – so that you gain Internet access.

linux alsa, alsamixer linux, alsa under linux

If you need a mixer to adjust sound settings then open a terminal and type: alsamixer